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Pilgrim Girl Costume For Kids

Pilgrim Girl Costume For Kids

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Pilgrim Girl Costume For Kids
What was it like, landing in a strange land and growing up in a brand new world? Let your child don this Pilgrim”s Girl Costume For Kids and travel back to the early American life in the Plymouth colony. Settlers had to learn how to prepare and grow new food, and the trade and communicate with the native inhabitants of this new world. Imagine what life would have been like as a young girl settling into a wild new land and leaning how to survive and prosper.

  • Includes: The Pilgrim Girl Costume For Kids includes a gray gown with a white apron and cap.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.

A hardworking community

Building a community and a new civilization from the ground up is hard work. Even the children worked in these early settler communities, and oftentimes the entire town would turn out to roll up their sleeves and have a hand in raising a building up or performing an important task. Imagine what kind of responsibilities a young girl might have had, and what she might have to look forward to in terms of recreation or entertainment. Life was very different back then! A great costume for reenactments, festivals or imaginative storytelling or theater in school or church.

Mash it up

What other kind of cool characters could you recreate using this simple costume? How can this character be recreated using popular themes like zombies, ghosts or other dark creatures? Taking a classic form and adding on your own embellishments is a fun way to explore the idea from different angles. Use your imagination and create the coolest, most unique pilgrim girl ever!

Pilgrim Girl Costume For Kids Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Historical

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