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Mens Trojan Warrior Costume

Mens Trojan Warrior Costume

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Mens Trojan Warrior Costume
This Trojan Warrior Costume looks like it was taken from a movie set is not a museum exibit of ancient Greece. The costume features a red tunic and a matching cape both of which are trimmed in heavy gold braiding for the look befitting a warrior king. THe costume also features vinyl armor that crosses the waist and chest. To achieve the true look of a Trojan Warrior, you can add sandals and a sword and shield. You”ll love our selection. Greek costumes are pefect for Halloween whether they are simple togas or elaborate warrior costumes. This one will make you look just like King Leonidas as he led his 300 soldiers in a battle against Xerxes and is Persian army. Your town may be a long way from Thermopylae but this costume will certainly bring a bit of ancient Greece to your Halloween party.

Mens Trojan Warrior Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Greek/Roman

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