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Mens Plus Size Toga! Toga! Costume

Mens Plus Size Toga! Toga! Costume

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Mens Plus Size Toga! Toga! Costume
The Mens Plus Size Toga! Toga! Costume is sure to be a fan favorite, as it brings to mind epic party scenes from movies such as Animal House. As you slip on this white robe and matching shoulder drape, you get to decide if you want to embody a strong ancient soldier, or a beer-guzzling college student. Toga parties have become a favorite party theme, and this outfit will keep your bed sheets free from beer stains. Don”t forget the leafy headband to add a bit of classic flair to your toga.

  • Includes: A white robe with a shoulder drape and a leaf headband.
  • Does not include: Can or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash.

It”s all Greek to me

Rowdy frat boy, ancient Greek god, or pizza chain mascot, you can interpret this costume whichever way suits you best. If you want to keep it classy or historical, opt for a Roman soldier or Greek god. If you”re feeling sillier, grab a slice of pepperoni or carry a takeout box to complete your look as the pizza mascot. Or throw on this comfortable costume and emulate the typical toga party scene, making sure to keep a drink in your hand.

Dress the part

Don”t ruin this terrific toga costume with modern running shoes. Opt for sandals instead. Keep your smart watch at home, and don”t worry about how late you stay out. Togas are made for all-night parties and creating memories you”ll never forget. Toga! Toga!

Mens Plus Size Toga! Toga! Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Historical

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