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Mens Mayan King Costume

Mens Mayan King Costume

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Mens Mayan King Costume
The MenÕs Mayan King Costume is the pitch perfect representation of a royal of one of AmericasÕ first and mightiest empires! ItÕs regal! ItÕs fashionable and itÕs as exotic as something can get without you having to actually travel! Plus, itÕs a little bit fearsome! ItÕs everything a good Halloween costume should be in one radical package!

Whether you loved Apocalypto, hated it, or didnÕt watch it, you can agree that this is a pretty killer costume. This outfit is made from an array of different bits of accessories and pieces of clothing. ThereÕs a tunic, a cape, a vinyl and feather headpiece, a vinyl chest and collar armor, a belt with South American-style designs, a vinyl belt drape, cuffs, and matching shin guards! If you love South American culture and exotic and exciting costumes then the MenÕs Mayan King Costume is the outfit for you this Halloween!

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