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Mens Feathered 70

Mens Feathered 70″s Black Wig

Our Price: $22.95

Reg Price: $28.00

Mens Feathered 70″s Black Wig
Wow. Now this here is a wig. When it comes to style itÕs hard to outpace the 1970Õs as you can see with the MenÕs Feathered 70Õs Brown Wig. This thing is just incredible. And while it might not be a great look to wear around town, it is a perfect selection for Halloween (after all, itÕs not like youÕre going to be wearing a Dracula costume around town. Nobody is that cool). This heap of scalp spaghetti is simple, silly, and great looking. ThereÕs nothing more you could ever want in a costume accessory.

Love the 70Õs? Love Halloween? Then why not combine the two and pick up the MenÕs Feathered 70Õs Brown Wig today!

Mens Feathered 70″s Black Wig Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Funny Masks

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