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Mens Deluxe Avatar Jake Sully Costume

Mens Deluxe Avatar Jake Sully Costume

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Mens Deluxe Avatar Jake Sully Costume
Jake Sully is the paralyzed Marine who must take over his twin brother”s role as Avatar on the planet Pandora. There his must live among the Na”vi who are Pandora”s native inhabitants. The costume features Jake Sully”s tan jacket and pants. The Jacket has sleeves that look like Na”vi skin and the pants have long Na”vi tail with fuzzy tip attached. The best feature of this costume is the detailed face mask complete with the pointed blue ears. Jake falls in love with the beautiful Na”vi Neytiri and this changes his mission from helping humans take over their world to helping the Na”vi save it. The Men”s Deluxe Avatar Jake Sully Costume is your chance to dress as a character from the most spectacular movie ever made.

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