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Mens 301 Gladiator

Mens 301 Gladiator

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Mens 301 Gladiator
Only one person can come out of a gladiator battle alive. Make sure that it”s you by arming yourself with our Men”s Spartan General Gladiator Costume. This item features the satin cape, warrior skirt, and the armor vest with detailing. The vest resembles metallic Roman and Greek Armor and is embellished with molded details. A red warrior cape drapes over the top of the armor and flows down the back. We”ve added a tattered appearance to the bottom of the skirt as if it”s already been in a battle. This full look is sure to get the ladies” attention on Halloween night and is also useful for a historic reenactment. It”s the type of thing that Romans would wear in battle or when entering the Colosseum for a gladiatorial fight. Check out the available shields and swords you can add on to compliment your Spartan Gladiatorial men”s costume.

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