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Magic 8 Ball Costume

Magic 8 Ball Costume

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Magic 8 Ball Costume
Product DescriptionBeing a fortune teller is hard business. For most of those in that field use items ranging from tarot cards to palm reading. But if you”re looking for the best way to know your fate you don”t have to look any further than the amazing Magic 8 Ball. This destiany telling orb when shook while being asked a question will let you know the truth about what will happen. How does it do it? Some say a spell was cast upon the ball while others think the water on the inside isn”t just water but a mystical liquid. What ever the case you”ll be able to let everyone know the fate of their Halloween in this toy shaped costume.

  • 100% polyester
  • Black round tunic with plastic tubing around the sides
  • “”Magic 8 Ball”” printed on the front
  • Clear plastic panel in the center that covers a spinning piece of cardboard
  • Cardboard piece has 6 answers on it
  • Back features a number 8 printed on it in a white circle

Magic 8 Ball Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Video Game / Toy Costumes

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