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Lips and Tongue Costume

Lips and Tongue Costume

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Lips and Tongue Costume
If you like Pink Floyd, then you”ll probably love the Lips and Tongue Costume. Sure, it”s two hammers short of a trip, but as it stands, it”s a solid, funny, and simple costume. And really that”s what Halloween is all about. If you”re not scary, then you”re probably sexy, but if you aren”t that, then you”re nothing! Nothing! With this outfit you don”t have to worry about that at all.

The Lips and Tongue Costume also works if you”re a fan of the Rolling Stones. And who isn”t a fan of them? On second thought, don”t answer that. Just accept the calming fact that this is a pretty fitting costume for the greatest of all costume-based holidays.

Lips and Tongue Costume Details:

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Theme Funny Costumes

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