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Lady Zorro Costume Plus

Lady Zorro Costume Plus

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Lady Zorro Costume Plus
Why should the boys get to have all the fun? Show them that no one can handle a blade like you can. The sexy Lady Zorro Costume Plus comes complete with everything you”ll need to look great and battle injustice: A ragged cape, flattering top, and long heroine”s skirt complete the look. This outfit will allow you to show off your strength, passion, and sense of adventure while making sure you”re ready to have a great time! This sexy ensemble is guaranteed to get the attention of any gentlemen that might catch your eye, as well as any villains who might have the misfortune of running accross you on your big night out! Don”t miss your chance to add your own spice and flair to the legend of Zorro, because once this costume is sold out you”ll be leaving the wild west in the hands of the despots once and for all!

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