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Kids Teddy Bear Costume

Kids Teddy Bear Costume

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Kids Teddy Bear Costume
You loved teddy bears, and your child loves teddy bears, and now she can be one for Halloween! When your little one is wearing this Kids Teddy Bear Costume, you won”t know whether to take hundreds of pictures of your adorable fuzzy bear or to immediately pick her up and cherish her cuteness.

  • Includes: A plush fur body, character hood, and shoe covers.
  • Does not include: Shirt or tights.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

A childhood experience come to life

All children imagine that their teddy bears are real and enjoy having conversations with them, sitting down to tea parties with them, and playing other games that spring forth from their lively imaginations. Imagine how much they”ll enjoy wearing this classic, cute, and full-body Kids Teddy Bear Costume! The teddy bear”s plump body and shoe covers truly make this costume a great choice that will be remembered fondly by both you and your child.

A costume that has lots of hugs to give and receive

You may not want to put your child down when she is wearing this adorable outfit. It is an excellent costume choice for all little ones, and it can also be a part of a complete costume set for the family. Simply dress as Mama Bear and Papa Bear, and you”ve got the Three Bears! With this clever and unique costume idea, you”ll be sure to garner lots of laughs and attention wherever you go together this Halloween season.

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