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Kids Sumo Inflatable Costume

Kids Sumo Inflatable Costume

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Kids Sumo Inflatable Costume
If your child has always dreamed of being a powerful sumo wrestler, he finally has the chance to rule the ring! This Kids Sumo Inflatable Costume turns kids into strong, comical warriors. Whether they choose to take on their biggest opponents in the ring or pursue a more peaceful approach to sumo life, the fortunate kids equipped with this larger-than-life costume will attract attention.

  • Includes: The Kids Sumo Inflatable Costume includes one sumo inflatable suit, headpiece, battery pack, and fan.
  • Does not include: 4-inch AA batteries or shoes.
  • Material: Fabric-Polyester, 90% Electronics, 5%; Plastic, 5%

Get ready to wrestle for that trick-or-treat candy!

The Kids Sumo Inflatable Costume is lightweight and easy to get on and off. The outfit features an inflatable suit with silly pectoral muscles and a belly button marked on the chest. A loin cloth gives the costume a proper sumo look, as does the costume”s matching black headpiece. In order to remain inflated, the costume requires the use of a battery-operated fan. This fan keeps your little sumo wrestler looking strong without making a lot of noise. The inflation effect is heightened with the help of elastic wrist and ankle cuffs, which keep as much air inside the costume as possible. Once your kid has pulled on his costume and started the fan, all he needs to do is flex his muscles and make a menacing face — the sumo outfit will take care of the rest!

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