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Kids Mummy Girl Costume

Kids Mummy Girl Costume

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Kids Mummy Girl Costume
Out of the sarcophagus stumbles a tiny figure wrapped in bandages. With dirt covering her once-pristine dress, the mummy of nightmares come to life. Once your innocent little girl, she is now the queen of the undead monsters in this Kids Mummy Girl Costume. This outfit is perfect for the little ghoul in your life. From a school Halloween party or class play to a simple game of dress-up, this costume is sure to give you the chills!

  • Includes: White dress with a faux dirty look and matching sleevelets and headband.
  • Does not include: Tights or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.

How to act like a mummy

If your daughter really wants to get into character, you”ll have to give a lesson on mummy history and traits. You are the top “mummy” after all! The idea of mummies originated in ancient Egypt; adding some Egyptian flair to the costume (such as jewelry or makeup) could help your child feel more authentic. As a preserved body, your mummy daughter should take a page from the book of zombies and add some undead aspects to her costume and characteristics. A mummy may not speak – she could communicate instead in groans and grunts. She”s also probably been stuck in a sarcophagus for millenia, so she might want to perfect that stiff walk – and act surprised, scared, or impressed by modern-day technology. Most importantly? Have fun! This costume will certainly cause some screams at her next Halloween party, especially if she plays the part well.

Kids Mummy Girl Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Egyptians Mummies

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