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Infant Spider-Girl Kutie Costume

Infant Spider-Girl Kutie Costume

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Infant Spider-Girl Kutie Costume
Product DescriptionA baby with Spider-man”s powers? Oh great, as if rearing an infant wasn”t tough enough already. Next thing you know she”ll be crawling… on the ceiling, and she”ll be webbing the bed. Don”t be surprised if her first word is, “Thwip.” On the other hand, having a super powered child has its plus side. First, she”ll keep super villains from getting into your business, and, web swinging is by far faster than the commute into the city. If you”re ready for some super human parenting, then our girls infant Spider-Girl costume is the way to go. Just don”t forget to teach her: with great power, comes great responsibility!

Infant Spider-Girl Kutie Costume Details:

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