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Infant Chimp Costume

Infant Chimp Costume

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Infant Chimp Costume
Name one thing that isn”t improved by monkeys. Go ahead. I”ll wait. You can”t, because monkeys are hilarious. What”s even better is that he isn”t like one of those bad monkeys, like Cornelius or Zaius, and he has no desire to destroy mankind in a terrifying revolt. That”s why you have to get the Infant Chimp Costume! All this monkey wants to do is hang out and maybe find out about the world in a series of hilarious mishaps (which is why monkeys were put on this earth in the first place). Oh and don”t point out that chimps are apes, not monkeys. That”s rude.

Pick up the Infant Chimp Costume today and have a jungle of a time!

Infant Chimp Costume Details:

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