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Hooded Huntress Costume For Tweens

Hooded Huntress Costume For Tweens

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Hooded Huntress Costume For Tweens
If your daughter knows that keeping her distance and scouting out a situation is better than charging recklessly into the fray, she will love this Hooded Huntress Costume For Tweens. It doesn”t matter whether she is aiming for a fantasy or a historic look, with this costume she will always hit her mark. The hooded cape will give her an aura of mystery, while the arm gauntlets show that she is not afraid to get her hands dirty either. Best of all, the outfit is very comfortable, which gives her complete freedom to silently stalk her quarries.

  • Includes: Hooded cape with a chain closure, a tunic dress with a shoulder strap and printed belt, and arm gauntlets.
  • Does not include: Jewelry, leggings, shoes or bow and arrow.
  • Material: Polyester.

They”ll never see her coming

Everyone will know better than to skimp on the candy when they see her wearing this formidable attire during Halloween. It is also versatile enough to make her look right at home at any Renaissance fair or comic convention. Your courageous heroine can look fierce and heroic in this outfit, without sacrificing any style or femininity.

Right on target

Movies like The Hunger Games and Brave have proven how deadly a girl with a bow and arrow can be, which is why this costume is perfect to show off her independent and self-confident side. Pair this costume with a bow and arrow prop for a killer look that will score a bull”s-eye with her.

Hooded Huntress Costume For Tweens Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme TV Movie Characters

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