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Hazmat Hazard Costume

Hazmat Hazard Costume

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Hazmat Hazard Costume
I think itÕs safe to say that this Hazmat Hazard Costume guy has obviously been through the ringer. HeÕs somehow flammable, radioactive, a biohazard, and poisonous. Wow. ThatÕs like Zone of Exclusion deadly. If you bottled up Chernobyl, youÕd still have throw a few more things on top of it to get it up to the kind of deadly that this guy is packing. It wouldnÕt even come close, otherwise. A zombie virus might be the one thing this guy is missing, but looking at this face, IÕm not sure he hasnÕt already become a member of the undead.

The Hazmat Hazard Costume comes with a jumpsuit (with a hood), a vinyl mask, gloves, and mesh printed sleeves. Whatever you do for Halloween, though, just make sure you donÕt go rushing into a nuclear meltdown or an overturned military biohazard tanker, because youÕve seen what it did to this guy (and heÕs a professional).

Hazmat Hazard Costume Details:

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Theme Horror Costumes

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