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Glove Skeleton

Glove Skeleton

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Glove Skeleton
Whether your nickname is something original like Bones Malone, or you’re just feeling a little less than whole, these gloves fit the bill. It’s time to rattle some bones! Imagine the Trick or Treaters’ surprise when this gloved hand offers them the bowl of candy. Spooky, possibly a little scary, and definitely in the realm of the skeletal, these complete any boney outfit you can conjure. How about an anatomy lesson learning the bones of the hand? Can anyone say phalanges? This takes learning to a whole new spook-tacular level!

  • 100% polyester.
  • One size.
  • Black with white bone rattling design.

Skeletons are as much a part of Halloween as just about any other costume. What about the Day of the Dead? The walking dead consider it their very own special night. No one can possibly forget the famous Michael Jackson Thriller video, which featured the skeletal dancing zombies, right? Even with a perfect costume, you can’t forget about your hands. Now you may need to perfect your dance moves, or scare the daylights out of people while you try, but at least your hands will look the part if you’re wearing the Glove Skeleton.

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