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Gangster Guns Shoulder Holster

Gangster Guns Shoulder Holster

Our Price: $12.95

Reg Price: $16.00

Gangster Guns Shoulder Holster
Gangsters needs a gun. ItÕs just a simple fact of life. Or at least they do nowadays. There once was a time when gangsters got together, theyÕd just rumble and fistfight or whatever, but those days have gone out with leaded gas and people wearing hats. The Gangster Gun Shoulder Holster is indicative of that culture. Gangsters need a gun. Maybe even two guns.

ThatÕs why weÕve got this thing. Sure they donÕt detach and donÕt fire, but so what? ItÕs all about the aesthetic and itÕs hard to get much more aesthetic than the Gangster Gun Shoulder Holster. The Gangster Gun Shoulder Holster is the perfect accessory for the gangster going out this Halloween.

Gangster Guns Shoulder Holster Details:

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Theme Halloween Props

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