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Full Length Hooded Cape Adult Costume

Full Length Hooded Cape Adult Costume

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Full Length Hooded Cape Adult Costume
Are you a wizard, warlock, vampire, thief, or assassin this Halloween? This Full Length Hooded Cape Adult costume can transform you into almost anything. Perhaps you waited a bit too late this year, and you didn”t plan a costume ahead of time. Don”t worry, we”ve got you covered. Add some simple costume fangs, and instantly you are transformed into a scary vampire on the prowl for blood. Or add a short dagger prop; instantly you have travelled back centuries, and you are a midieval assassin, looking for a target. Note: People may try to reveal your identity! With the gloomy hood up in this Full Length Adult Hooded Cape Costume, nobody will be able to tell what you are dressed as, or who you actually are. Make sure your friends recognize your voice, or they may not let you in unless you reveal your identity to them!

Full Length Hooded Cape Adult Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Gothic/Vampire

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