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Frozen Ice Queen Makeup Kit

Frozen Ice Queen Makeup Kit

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Frozen Ice Queen Makeup Kit
It is always a good time to put the freeze on your classic royal makeup routine, and embracing a wintry palette such as the Frozen Ice Queen Makeup Kit. You can spread your icy influence over the entire kingdom, with a snowy shimmer and glittery gaze fit for the most commanding of ice queens. Your new look can be as unique as a single snowflake, or dazzle all onlookers with a blizzard of glitz and glamour; the choice is yours, as ruler of the ice kingdom. You will have plenty of time to build snowmen and snow forts, and you will look like a snow queen while you have all of your blustery royal fun.

  • Includes: Three colors of makeup, eyelashes with adhesive, ice crystals, ice powder, ice gel, sponge and brush.
  • Materials: Hydrogenated Coco-glycerides, Parrafin, Polyethylene, Petrolatum, Octil palmitate, BHT.

Rule the ice kingdom with a crystalline hand but a warm heart

Every ice queen knows she has to look her best while commanding her loyal yet frozen subjects. A pure white or powder blue dress adorned in icy sequins will allow you to step out on the royal balcony and make elegant yet fair royal decrees. While many members of the royal family do not mind the cold, you may choose a snow white shawl or jacket to keep warm during the never ending winter months. There are so many variations on the ice princess look, so mix and match to keep your royal winter wardrobe looking your absolute best.

Frozen Ice Queen Makeup Kit Details:

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