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Elsa Frozen Fever Deluxe Costume For Toddlers

Elsa Frozen Fever Deluxe Costume For Toddlers

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Elsa Frozen Fever Deluxe Costume For Toddlers
If you took your little girl or girls to see Cinderella in the theaters, you were probably delighted to see “Frozen Fever,” the short sequel to one of the best selling Disney movies of all time. It”s time for you little girl to become part of the story. The Elsa Frozen Fever Deluxe Costume For Toddlers (ages 3 – 4) lets her act out the crazy story of an ice queen with a cold, and the tiny, troublesome snowmen she creates when she sneezes.

  • Includes: A dress.
  • Material: Polyester
  • This is an officially licensed Disney Frozen Fever costume.

Make today a perfect day

If she can sing “Let It Go” with pitch perfection, it”s time to video her singing the great new songs from this zany short cartoon. This beautiful, comfortable fantasy dress is perfect for any number of dress up occasions, from day care productions to rainy weekends. Elsa is an empowering role model for your little princess. Now you can help her live out her wishes.

The Snowgies are coming

Kids love things smaller than them. The Snowgies that Elsa accidentally creates may be a lot of trouble at first but they make wonderful companions for Olaf in the end. A great way to make this Elsa costume even more fun for your little girl is to make your own Snowgies out of styrofoam balls or construction paper. It can be a creative learning experience that she will never forget and you will gain the favor of the Ice Queen forever.

Elsa Frozen Fever Deluxe Costume For Toddlers Details:

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