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Easter Bunny Suit White Costume

Easter Bunny Suit White Costume

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Easter Bunny Suit White Costume
Here comes Peter Cottontail hoppin” down the bunny trail! Hippity hoppity Easters on its way! You can delight your family and friends with this Easter Bunny Suit. This one-piece bunny suit has a back zipper. It is made entirely of plush acrylic pile,has an open face, a white belly and a pom-pom for a tail. Mitts and shoe covers are included. The hood has a velcro closure. Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large. You can keep the ancient tradition of the Easter Bunny alive when you wear this outfit and pass out eggs, candy and toys in baskets to all the good little girls and boys at this sprint holiday. You”ll feel rewarded with you see how much fun they have searching for their treats that you”ve hidden and you”ll be rewarded with hugs against your plush suit. Spring is a great time and the Spring Bunny or Hare is a favorite symbol. Or you can wear this costume at Halloween when you play Harvey, the invisible Pookah. The choice is yours!

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