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Dolphin Costume For Adults

Dolphin Costume For Adults

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Dolphin Costume For Adults
Charm friends, neighbors, and loved ones in this Dolphin Costume for Adults. All it takes is a little echolocation click and a waggle of your tail, and you”re off to fun underwater adventures at Halloween or any costume party or cosplay convention.

  • Includes: The Dolphin Costume For Adults includes a blue one piece dolphin body suit.
  • Does not include: pants or shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

Do it on porpoise

It doesn”t matter if you can”t swim — you can still be one of the most charming mammals out there in this blue bodysuit. Pull it on over your head, slide your arms through the dolphin”s fins, and get ready to hunt fish, meet friendly snorkelers, or go diving for shipwrecks. Best of all, with no water to hide your body, no one will think you”re a shark … so everyone will run toward you, and not away!

Dolphin-itely a great costume

Wear a pair of blue or black slacks or a pair of tights to complement this cute outfit, and don”t forget a pair of dark-colored shoes. You can even paint your face blue or gray, and hardly anyone will recognize that handsome dolphin! Travel in a pod of your fellow dolphins, find a shark or a squid to play with, or just go solo for the evening. This costume works great at children”s parties, variety shows, aquarium visits, or anywhere where finding a friendly, cuddly dolphin would put a smile on someone”s face. Who wouldn”t jump (and somersault, and back flip through hoops) at the thought of being such a winning cetacean for a day?

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