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Dog Triceratops Costume

Dog Triceratops Costume

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Dog Triceratops Costume
While the noble triceratops might have departed from this mortal coil from a combination of meteors and T-Rex bites, that doesn”t mean you can”t doll up your dog with a costume that looks like one of them. In fact, not only could you do this, but you should do this. The Dog Triceratops Costume combines two great animals for one adorable costume.

The Dog Triceratops Costume comes with a headpiece with horns, which should be enough to make your dog not only funny looking, but much more capable of defending itself against raptors or cat or whatever else is out there. It”s a costume 65 million years in the making.The Dog Triceratops Costume combines one of the most popular and distinct looking dinosaurs of all time with the comedic value of a dog costume.

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