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Disney Princess Prestige Cinderella Costume For Women

Disney Princess Prestige Cinderella Costume For Women

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Disney Princess Prestige Cinderella Costume For Women
Everyone knows the Cinderella story about how the underdog stepsister wins the day and falls in love with Prince Charming. You”ll live the magical life of the fairy tale princess when you put on this Disney Princess Prestige Cinderella Costume For Women. You can imagine overcoming the schemes of your evil stepmother and stepsisters to capture the heart of the prince and move beyond the struggles of the time. Just don”t forget about the stroke of midnight!

  • Includes: A peplum dress, headband and choker
  • Does not include: Shoes
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • This is an officially licensed Disney Cinderella costume

Don”t lose a shoe

When Cinderella is forced to flee the ball because she isn”t so great at telling time and the stroke of midnight has her all in a kerfuffle, she leaves behind a glass slipper. Be careful with your feet at your Halloween bash or the same can happen to you. Of course, it did work out nicely for her, so maybe it”s not such a bad idea. Just make sure the glass slipper fits your foot!

Overcoming the odds

The Cinderella story is all about overcoming daunting obstacles and seemingly overwhelming odds. That”s why everything from sports broadcasters to Wall Street analysts speak to us about the latest Cinderella team or stock prospect. The girl gets past the things in her way, albeit with a good amount of help from a fairy godmother and a menagerie of animals, but we still admire her for her fighting spirit. We all love to root for an underdog, right?

Disney Princess Prestige Cinderella Costume For Women Details:

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