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Curly Rainbow Costume Wig

Curly Rainbow Costume Wig

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Curly Rainbow Costume Wig
When you feel like having multi-colored hair, the Curly Rainbow Costume Wig is the perfect accessory! This wig is made from synthetic fibers and features a rainbow of colors, transforming any dull costume into a vibrant attention magnet!

  • Includes: The Curly Rainbow Costume Wig includes a multi-colored curly wig consisting of red, yellow, green, blue and purple.
  • Does not include: Shirt, suspenders or jewelry.
  • Material: Synthetic Fibers.

Easier than dying your hair!

Who wants to deal with messy sprays and dyes when you want a colorful coiffure? All you need is this rainbow wig to complete your look. This fantastical hairdo goes hand in hand with other clown costume accessories, like oversized shoes and a spacious pants. If clowning around isn”t your style, then use this wig as part of a living doll or punk costume. This long, curly wig has all the colors of the rainbow, layered one on top of another, ending in a cascade of curly tendrils. It”s mesmerizing!

Ideas are limitless when you let your imagination soar

This fabulous wig is an important staple for any costume connoisseur. Any wig wearer will know how unruly your actual hair gets under a wig. Use a wig cap to help manage that problem and give your costume more realistic and life-like look. This wavy prism of hair can be used for Halloween, costume parties, bachelorette parties or even when you feel like adding a little zaniness to your everyday life!

Curly Rainbow Costume Wig Details:

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