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Crazy Color Clown Costume For Adults

Crazy Color Clown Costume For Adults

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Crazy Color Clown Costume For Adults
Escape reality for awhile with the Crazy Color Clown Costume For Adults! You work hard every day, you meet your deadlines, pay your taxes; why not let your uninhibited side go a little wild? Equal parts naughty and nice, the Crazy Color Clown Costume For Adults offers a grown-up take on the traditional clown. Get a break from the daily grind with this festive ensemble, and you”ll probably have strangers asking you for candy wherever you go.

  • Includes: The Crazy Color Clown Costume for Adults includes a multi-colored dress, matching thigh high stockings and a hat accessory with clip-on barrette.
  • Does not include: wig or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Send in the clowns

You”re a responsible, law-abiding citizen most of the time… but like many people you sense an untapped craziness lurking somewhere in your psyche. Use this Crazy Color Clown Costume For Adults as a fun and sassy excuse to let it out! You”re sure to raise spirits everywhere you go in this exuberantly colored dress with artsy paint splatters, a funky rainbow skirt and details like a bow tie and an adorably kitschy clip-on mini hat for the perfect crowning touch.

Ham it up at your next costume function

If life has been feeling stiff and boring lately, change it up with the Crazy Color Clown Costume For Adults. Far from plain vanilla, you”ll rock their world, take over the clown convention – or at least make a splash at the next costume shindig. Accessorize this irreverent costume to fit your taste and personality with a big red nose, a can of silly string, a rainbow colored afro wig or long, colored tresses in your favorite colors. Anything goes – after all, you”re a clown!

Crazy Color Clown Costume For Adults Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Circus Clowns

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