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Carrie Bradshaw Wig - Sex in the City

Carrie Bradshaw Wig – Sex in the City

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Carrie Bradshaw Wig – Sex in the City
The four independent, strong, and beautiful women of Sex in the City own New York as if they”re the only residents inhabiting this entire state! Carrie Bradshaw is famous for writing the Sex in the City column, and for running the city like a true fashionista. There was her love affair with Big, which never seemed to end, her numerous love interests, and countless flings, as well.

The Carrie Bradshaw Wig features a dirty blonde haired wig with curls and a somewhat tussled look. Become the star of Sex in the City when you put on the Carrie Bradshaw Wig and witness your picture plastered on moving buses. Carrie is famous for her toned body and for harboring Monolou Blonicks, cigarette, martini and caffeine addictions!

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