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Captain Hat

Captain Hat

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Captain Hat
Sail the Seven Seas and take the wheel with your Captain Hat. The perfect touch to any positively nautical ensemble, the captain hat lets everyone know that you”re in control and that you”re not afraid of a little rocky water. Steer into fun the next time you need a costume and let your crew do the heavy lifting. If you”re lucky, someone may actually believe you own a boat in real life! You salty dog, you.

  • Watch out for pirates and prepare for fun with the Captain Hat. This maritime accessory features a white hat with a navy blue brim. The authentic seafaring look is completed with an embroidered golden anchor and a golden rope to highlight the brim.
  • Includes: Hat.
  • Does not include sunglasses.

Swab the poop deck and get ready to have a sloshing good time! There won”t be any men overboard tonight, but if you”re lucky you might just run into some sirens of the sea. Let your first mate know they can take the night off, you”ve got this covered.

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