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Captain America Avengers Movie Costume

Captain America Avengers Movie Costume

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Captain America Avengers Movie Costume
Fresh from the biggest superhero movie of all time is the Captain America Avengers Movie Costume! This combination of patriotism and far-out super-science is just what America needs in her time of greatest need (ie: Mad men with cosmic weapons pointed at Washington DC and Halloween or other costume-centric events). Whether battling the nefarious Red Skull or the forces of Hydra or some other psychopath, rest assured, the Cap in his glorious costume will deliver the day. He has to. HeÕs the Cap!

One of the greatest patriotic comic book heroes of all time now has a Halloween costume to match! And, no, IÕm not talking about Nuke, Battlestar, or USAgent! Dress as the first Avenger this Halloween with the BoyÕs Captain America Avengers Costume!

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