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Bottle in a Book Adult Accessory

Bottle in a Book Adult Accessory

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Bottle in a Book Adult Accessory
Naughty nun or rouge priest, that part is up to you. But this Bottle in a Book Accessory will put either look over the top. Come to the party as a pious priest and people can want to confess their sins. Come to the party as a priest with a bottle in a book and people will laugh hysterically at you, the priest committing the sin! Then you can seek out the run of the mill variety priest and confess that you killed ‘em with laughter! Can you imagine being the nun who whips out her good Book only to take a fake swig? Imagine the utter shock and surprise. People will think they’re being punked! Or the older set will be wondering if they’re on Candid Camera.

  • One size.
  • Cardboard with plastic bottle inside.
  • Wipe clean.
  • Make sure not to mix up this book with the real Book or you’re liable to get in trouble at Sunday morning services.

The best costumes aren’t only those that are the most realistic, but those that go a step beyond the obvious. This Bottle in a Book Adult Accessory no doubt goes that extra step to turn ordinary into hilariously extraordinary.

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