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Boston Red Sox Wig

Boston Red Sox Wig

Our Price: $12.95

Reg Price: $15.00

Boston Red Sox Wig
Let”s go Red Sox! If you bleed red„Red Sox red, I mean„then the Boston Red Sox Wig is for you. It”s got all the colors of the rainbow that matter and it”s a big ol” afro! It”s perfect! If you want to root for the home team then it doesn”t get any better than this!

Get rid of that Albatross around your neck and get excited for the Golden Age of one of America”s classic baseball teams with the Boston Red Sox Wig. And as a brave man once said, “May all your days be bright and may you smash the Yankees into dust like so many brittle dog bones.” I think it was a voodoo priest that said it, but, still, it holds up I think.

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