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Black Surfer Dude Wig

Black Surfer Dude Wig

Our Price: $14.95

Reg Price: $20.00

Black Surfer Dude Wig
The Black Surfer Dude wig is for a surfer dude or a surfer, dude. What? Oh, yeah, man, the wig, right. This high quality heap of hair would pair perfectly with costumes above and beyond a simple surfer. You could be a hippie, a beatnik, a yippie, a yuppy, a magician, the Magician, or a ton of other ideas. All it requires is this wig and a little bit of imagination. (Imagination sold separately).

Hang ten this Halloween with the Black Surfer Dude Wig.

Black Surfer Dude Wig Details:

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