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Black Flapper Shoe

Black Flapper Shoe

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Black Flapper Shoe
Charleston, Charleston! A new kind of woman was born in the 1920s, one who drank, smoked and even voted! She wore make-up and high heels, had her hair cut and went to parties. She took risks. Put simply, she was a flapper! The look included shoes very much like these Black Flapper Adult Shoes, as well as dresses and skirts with hemlines that came just below the knee, twisted stockings and make-up with a famous “bob” haircut.

  • Includes: One pair of black flapper adults shoes with 3″ kitten heels.
  • Does not include: Any items of clothing.
  • These shoes can be kept in peak condition with spot cleaning.
  • Made from 100% polyester.
  • Do make sure that your shoes fit and feel comfortable before using them, especially outside. If this footwear shows obvious signs of wear, or the original packaging is not all in place, they cannot be returned.

Very vintage footwear

One definition of vintage describes this very popular style as “items which are not new but are valued due to their good condition and attractive design.” That just about sums up these vintage shoes ideally! Complete the Flapper look to perfection in these shoes, styled with perforated detailing, a round-toe with a T-strap and buckled fastening. Smart and comfortable despite the heel, the neutral tan color means it will go with just about any outfit. Perfect for a 1920s themed party – you”ll look ab-sol-lutely as though you just stepped out of the pages of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel! Attagirl, baby!

Black Flapper Shoe Details:

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