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Alien Morphsuit Costume For Kids

Alien Morphsuit Costume For Kids

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Alien Morphsuit Costume For Kids
There”s an eerie glowing light near the far horizon and it is coming toward you. It looks like some sort of spaceship. Should you be afraid? Of course not, because it”s from your planet and your friends are coming to pick you up. Go home to your solar system in style in this Alien Morphsuit Costume For Kids. Your Earth parents will be shocked when you show up in your own alien outfit for the Halloween party or other fun bash. You can represent your extra-terrestrial compatriots at a UFO convention or parade in this getup as well. Don”t let them know your true intentions to rule the world. Look out, planet Earth, it”s (insert cool alien name for yourself) and I”m here to claim this rock!

  • Care instructions: Hand Wash
  • This is an officially licensed Morphsuit costume
  • We come in peace, man

    The alien mystique of the little green man is fully realized in this full body suit that lets your kid become the character. There”s no part of the body not covered in green alien skin, making it easy to slip into the role. Add a green 20″ glow necklace accessory to bring a space-hippy vibe to the costume. Inhabitants of Earth, or you ready to welcome the coolest alien this side of Regulon 4?

    Alien Morphsuit Costume For Kids Details:

    Color On Costume”s Picture
    CONDITION Brand-New
    Theme Scifi

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