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Adult Skeleton Opera Gloves

Adult Skeleton Opera Gloves

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Adult Skeleton Opera Gloves
Make no bones about it: the Adult Skeleton Opera Gloves will give everyone the “jeepers creepers”! Jangle those old dry bones as you show off your skeletal style, then go bump in the night to give everyone a good fright. Paired with the right costume, you can arrive at any gala as a full skeleton, or as a common costume character with a terrifying twist! Greet new guests with a bone-rattling hand shake when you wear these ghastly gloves.

  • Includes: A pair of black elbow length gloves with white arm bones printed on one side.
  • Material: 100% polyester.
  • One size fits most.

Reveal your hidden skeletons in the closet with style

Sometimes you want to be a complete skeleton, like Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King. At other times, you just need a few old bones to finish your look, such as a zombie emerging from the grave with one bone-chilled hand grasping for air. Victims of other hauntingly horrible characters such as a werewolf may be reduced to one or two bony arms, and unwilling patients of mad scientists may only have a few body parts left to spare. Gruesome though you may be, you will need a few exposed bones to complete your terrifying costume idea.

Not all skeletons are reduced to piles of rubble

If you are more of a take charge type of skeleton, pull out your grim reaper cloak. Point one icy finger at any unsuspecting person, and watch them fear for the worst! Horsemen of the apocalypse and riders on the storm also elicit shrieks of fright. For an added touch, pair your skeletal gloves with a flaming skull mask, and there will be no mistaking where you came from.

Adult Skeleton Opera Gloves Details:

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