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Adult Potato Head Kit Costume

Adult Potato Head Kit Costume

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Adult Potato Head Kit Costume
Classics stick around for a reasonÑTheyÕre classics, after all! And while that might be a bit too tautological for your tastes, but consider the Adult Potato Head Kit Costume. ItÕs a great idea. ItÕs fun, itÕs recognizable, and they had her own trilogy of films (that they had to share with the rest of the cast of Toy Story, but letÕs not lose track of the topic at hand). WhatÕs more is that this outfit has all of the plus sides of a Potato Head outfit with none of the downsides (namely a foam overlay). What it does have is a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head hat, along with a series of seven shirt stickers that can turn anything you have in your closet into a costume in an instant!

If you love old school toys and modern style, then the Adult Potato Head Kit Costume is the Halloween outfit for you! And, whatÕs more is that this get-up is actually unisex and can just as easily double as a Mr. Potato Head costume! ItÕs a classic and itÕs two-in-one, what more could a tuber want?

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