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Adult Plus Size Ted Hoodie

Adult Plus Size Ted Hoodie

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Adult Plus Size Ted Hoodie
What could be better than a new installment in the “Ted ” movie franchise? Well … how about the ability to wear everyone”s favorite foul-mouthed teddy bear around whenever you want! The lol-worthy Ted Hoodie for Adults brings the demented fun of the movie to your next costume party or dress-up session. This is no costume for kids!

  • Includes: The Adult Plus Size Ted Hoodie includes a tan hoodie with zipper.
  • Does not include: Jeans
  • Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Ted costume.

Bear-ly able not to laugh!

Everyone has their favorite parts of “Ted.” You might love the Flash Gordon cameo. Or the insane relationship with Jamie Lynn. Or the recreation of the famous “Airplane” meeting. Or the inappropriate crashing of a Boston Norah Jones concert. Whatever your favorite scene was, you”ll be sure to relive it with a giggle or a guffaw when you throw on this Ted hoodie and become the most absurd cartoon character in history. Wear it out to the movies or to your next Halloween excursion for some guaranteed chuckles as one of Seth MacFarlane”s most infamous creations.

Bear-ly there

Made of super-comfortable cotton and polyester with a middle zipper for lots of comfort and easy wear, this costume is both functional and pleasant to the touch. Throw it on for a screening of the original movie or wear it proudly to the theaters when the sequel hits – you”re guaranteed to be the hit of the cineplex or the home theater!

Adult Plus Size Ted Hoodie Details:

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