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Adult Midnight Black Cape

Adult Midnight Black Cape

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Adult Midnight Black Cape
The Adult Midnight Black Cape offers the ultimate late night disguise as it covers you from your head to your ankles in the dangerously dark cloak that lets you blend in with the shadows. Runaway into the world of ghouls, goblins and spirits as you melt into the black night sky with your flowing cape blowing eerily along with the stirrings of the night. When worn at parties you”ll find yourself noticed as the mystery woman in black.

  • Includes: the Adult Midnight Black Cape includes black hooded cape.
  • Does not include: dress or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester

A lady of mystery

What secrets are you hiding wrapped in this full-length black cape? You may never tell, but others will be whispering as you enter the room decked out in this mystifying attire. Paired with a black dress, black shoes and dark makeup you can easily convince fellow partygoers that something is lurking beneath your hood. Wear it with a bold red or purple outfit to add a sense of playful excitement to your dashing black cape.

Get swept away

Tie your cape securely at your neck, pull the hood over your head, and enjoy the dramatic flair of the cape billowing out behind you for a ghastly effect. This cape is a statement piece, and offers you the chance to lose yourself in the fun and excitement of pretending to be someone else. Lose yourself in the story!

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