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Adult Big Foot Costume

Adult Big Foot Costume

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Adult Big Foot Costume
The yeti, the abominable snowman, the sasquatch, the samsquanch, the mande barung, and the skunk ape are but a few names of the creature that has intrigued mankind since the dawn of time. The Adult Big Foot Costume is none of these things. It is a giant foot costume. That”s right, a big foot costume. Get it? I get it too. The Adult Big Foot Costume is the best unipedal costume on the market today. So, get to stomping and maybe someday somebody will take a blurry photo of you in this costume.

The Adult Big Foot Costume has nothing to do with the famous sasquatch of the American north-west, rather, it”s a costume of a giant foot. It is a great moment in absurdist fashion.

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