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80″s Celebrity Wig – Ash Blonde

Our Price: $17.95

Reg Price: $22.00

80″s Celebrity Wig – Ash Blonde
Party on, man! Add some intrigue to your lifestyle, some volume to your hair, and a whole lot of 80″s to rock out with! Now you too can have that 80″s hair band thrasher look! With our Ash Blonde 80″s Celebrity Wig, you”ll be set to hit the stage and kick some tail with your Flying-V at your hip!

With a perfect patch of mixed blonde hair, you”ll have your rock star costume taken care of in no time! Pick up our Ash Blonde 80″s Celebrity Wig today, and bring out the best of your Halloween gatherings! When you want that perfect fit, don”t forget to grab yourself a Wig Cap as well!

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