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300- Spartan War Spear

300- Spartan War Spear

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300- Spartan War Spear
Raise this 300- Spartan War Spear against Xerxes and the entire Persian army. Without this weapon at your side, how will you defeat the so-called immortals and protect your homeland? Sure you know how to use your shield or a well-placed kick, but a spear is so much sharper! King Leonidas will be so proud to see you among the 300 with this spear in your hand, he”ll probably invite you to dinner. Just hope he doesn”t say, “Tonight we dine in hell!”

  • This rustic silver spear is about 47-inches long and and is made from sturdy molded plastic. The antique finish gives the spear an extra touch of authenticity.
  • Includes: Spear.
  • This is an officially licensed 300 product.

This spear is not just for fans of the movie 300. Many tribal and jungle warrior costumes can benefit from having a weapon handy. Go as Tarzan if you like to swing from vines, or don a Tiki mask and go as a witch doctor. If you prefer something more elegant you could go as a Greek god or goddess, like Athena or Ares. There”s no end to the possible uses for this accessory!

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